Past Performance

General Ship Maintenance & Repair

Examples of NAICS Code 336611 experience include:

NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center, Norfolk VA

Mills Marine performed small boat structural repairs that included repairing cracks or cropping out existing handrails to install new handrails, as well as installation of deck plating.

U.S. Coast Guard (USCG)

Mills Marine removed, reinstalled, and tested new watertight doors on the CGC Vigorous, as well as insulation rip-out and reinstallation on 210’ Cutters and other Coast Guard vessels.

Marine Hydraulics International, Inc.

Mills Marine removed and renewed thermal, acoustic polymide insulation and high-temperature matting on watertight doors, engine room uptakes, gas turbine ducting, lube oil purifier heater, lube oil heater exchanger, ventilation ducting, fire main piping, fuel oil transfer piping, VCHT piping, berthing and sanitary spaces bulkheads and overheads, and steam kettle piping. In addition, we installed spray shield and repaired PCMS tile on Navy surface ships.

Warehousing and Logistics/Facilities Support Services

Examples of NAICS Code 493110 and 561210 experience include:

Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center (MARMC) – 493110

We supplied LS-657C replacement parts to MARMC.

Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY), Portsmouth VA – 561210

We provided warehousing and facility support mechanics to efficiently relocate materials, furniture, and supplies. In addition, we performed buildings and grounds maintenance.

Engineering & Technical Services

Examples of NAICS Code 541330 corporate experience include:

Q.E.D. Systems Inc.

Mills Marine provides availability planning support on three contracts supporting DDG/CG, LPD/LSD, and LHA/LHD ship classes.

Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY), Portsmouth VA

We provided a workload forecast to the NNSY Strategic Planning Office Workload Forecasting Branch to forecast workload and resource balances and imbalances, and to support execution of Chief of Naval Operation (CNO) maintenance availabilities, such as:

  •       Strategic Planning and Forecast (SPF)
  •       Performance Measurement and Control (PMC)
  •       Financial Applications
  •       Advance Industrial Management (AIM)
  •       Supervisor’s Desk (SUPDESK)
  •       Business Objects XI (BOXI)

Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY), Portsmouth VA

Mills Marine provided a cost advocate support advocate for data processing, model analysis, and communicating with databases on a wide variety of sensitive and confidential matters relating to the mission, function, policies, and operation of all of NNSY computer programs.

Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Philadelphia

Provided Engineering and Technical Services (ETASS) for assigned tasks on naval ship Hull Mechanical and Electrical (HM&E)/Combat support systems. Services included ensuring the flow of information regarding priorities and schedules, testing for and coordination with shipyards, ship forces, and NSWC Philadelphia the status of ship construction, operation, and maintenance for DDG- 51, DDG-62, DDG 1000, and LCS class ships.

Military Sealift Command (MSC)

Provided services to review, validate, and update existing Interface Control Documents (ICD) for the implementation of Adaptive Force Packages (AFP) onboard the MSC Expeditionary Fast Transport (T-EPF) and Expeditionary Sea Base (T-ESB) classes of vessels.

 Provided engineering support services as required to develop and implement an effective database solution on MSC IT platform(s) for the N74 Lessons Learned Database (LLDB).

 Provided program management support and subject matter expertise in support of the MSC Platform Information Technology (PIT) System Cybersecurity program. We provided knowledge of marine automation system architecture and operational procedure for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Communication and Navigation (COMNAV) systems.

Manufacturing & Fabrications

Example of NAICS Code 332312 experience include:

Fabricating and installing PMCs and pins for boat davits QED Systems

Mills Marine performed boat davit fabrications and installation as a subcontractor to QED.

Colonna’s Shipyard

Mills Marine performed boat davit fabrications and installation as a subcontractor to Colonna’s.